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The Cook The Thief His Wife and Her Lover by Peter Greenaway(1989)
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Open from 17:00 till late

Permanent Interventions

Façade by Yiannis Mouravas

Building Facade

Concept is the Trojan Horse of Practicality / Quote No. 1 by Assembly Hall by Yiannis Mouravas, Alban Karsten and Cyril de Menouillard

Happy or Not Organic Data Farm by Aaron McLaughlin

Main Hall

Daily Solo Show by Kitty Maria, Alban Karsten

Dirty Laundry by Stephane Barbier Bouvet

Liquid Gallery (Wi-Fi) by Mariana Lobão, Eurico Sá Fernandes: showing Infantile Access by Rachel-Rose O’Leary

I hate you body – Part 1 (Balcony transcription) by Aurélien Lepetit

Daisy Choir in Wasteland: Studio by Valentin Noiret

Experimental Movement and Gesture School: Temporary Stage by Aurélien Lepetit


Kitchen by Team Yellow by Kitty Maria and Alban Karsten

First Floor

Hotel by Carole Cicciu. War Room designed by Erasmus Scherjon and Theo Demans

Hotel by Carole Cicciu. Mommy Room designed by Maarten Nico

Hotel by Carole Cicciu. Blue Hotel designed by Team Yellow by Kitty Maria and Alban Karsten

Jungle Banjo (Bathroom) by Erasmus Scherjon, Theo Demans

Real Talk by Anna Reutinger

Collective for Fashion Passivity by Elise Ehry and Anna Reutinger

To Begin Again from the Beginning by Nicola Baratto and Alberto Valz Gris

Experimental Movement and Gesture School: Daily Practice by Aurélien Lepetit

A place to rest my weary head while I wander with the wayward wind (moving installation) by Anna Reutinger

Ludoteca ClubTonic by Arthur Tramier, Tom Schneider (from 12th of April)

Hotel by Carole Cicciu. Seize designed by Vincent Morin, Etienne Bosquet, Alberto Valz Gris, Nicola Baratto, Arthur Tramier, Tom Schneider, Stephane Barbier Bouvet, Xhois Qarri, Dea Ademi, Daniel Czech, Ece Gulsayin, Aurélien Lepetit and Carole Cicciu

Second Floor

Showers by Reinier Krannendonk

FYI by Stephane Barbier Bouvet

I hate you body – Part 4 (do it again transcription) by Aurélien Lepetit

Boiler Room by Joséphine Péguillan, Kolbrún Löve


fuck__ __bar by Frä Brunz

MACAO garden project by Thijs van de Loo, Elodia Wilson, Adel Khosrohahi, Tullio Bertelli, Fabrizio, Farid, Cecille, Matta Tomaso and …

Daisy Choir in Wasteland: Outside Wooden Stage by Valentin Noiret

(A=O) The archive of epistemic collapse by Rachel Rose O’Leary and Petros Orfanos


Saturday, 16th of April

Imma Hustle Till I Drop (Bar) by Anna Reutinger

Main Hall

Workshop by Alice Rekab


Reading by Megan Nolan


Presentation by Linda Stupart


Les Trois Gros,  6-course dinner for two by Arthur Tramier, Elise Ehry, Constance Hinfray

Main Hall

Daily Solo Show: Robin Hood wearing Prada at Alice’s tea party by Maarten Nico Hoogendijk

Main Hall

MORNING LOVE party by Leila Arenou and Laure Jaffuel

Main Hall

Sunday, 17th of April

MORNING LOVE: breakfast and lecture

Main Hall

Onion Poems: Hacking workshop by Eurico Sá Fernandes


Daily Solo Show: Burning the white cube by Thijs van de Loo

Main Hall

Monday, 19th of April

Les Trois Gros,  6-course dinner for two by Arthur Tramier, Elise Ehry and Constance Hinfray

Main Hall



The Dirty Art Department presents ‘The Wandering School’

The Wandering School is a continuous performance and life situation. It is open to dangerous attempts at how to organise itself and how to give and receive knowledge. From April 1 – 17 current and previous students of the Dirty Art Department will meet Macao – an unvarnished, occupied palazzo on a former meat trade site in the east of Milan – as their frame of action.

The Wandering School runs as a series of events, interacting with the community of Macao and the local and international public for the Design Week and MiArt. Taking inspiration from radical schools and self-contained communities the school will exist as a reality in itself – a place to sleep and dream, reflect and rave in. All as a living experimentation which is allowed to wander through its own success and failure.

The Wandering School is a project by the Dirty Art Department in collaboration with Macao and is initiated by Erasmus Scherjon, Stephane Barbier Bouvet, Valentina Ciuffi, Anita Silva, Emanuele Braga and Jerszy Seymour.

The Dirty Art Department is a Masters program of the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. It is an open space for all possible thought, creation and action – a place to build objects or totems, revolutions or business models. The Dirty Art Department finds itself flowing between the pure and the applied and aims to create new realities to reconsider our life situation on this planet. It is directed by Jerszy Seymour, co-founded together with Catherine Geel, Clemence Seilles and Stephane Barbier Bouvet and conducted with Daniel Dewar, Noam Toran, Saâdane Afif and Florence Parot.

Macao is an independent center for art, culture and research in Milan which is coordinated by an open assembly of artists and activists. The initiative started with the occupation of an abandoned skyscraper in the city center and is now based on a former meat trade site in the east of Milan. Macao aims to conceive new ideas of what a cultural institution can be beyond its traditional understanding while presenting a cross-sectorial cultural program and researching on labour conditions in cultural production.

With works by Leila Arenou, Josefin Arnell, Dagmar Atladottir, Mieke Bal, Nicola Baratto, Gamze Baray, Henk Baron, Kris Beagthon, Phil Bloom, Hedi Bogaers, Felix Burger, Saskia de Brauw, Carole Cicciu, Keith Collins, Mathias Damgaard, Theo Demans, Hester Van Eeghen, Elise Ehry, Kitty van Ekeren, Egon Elliut, Line Gulsett, Constance Hinfray, Laure Jaffuel, Nina Janssen, Point Jay, Jacqueline de Jong, Alban Karsten, Reinier Kranendonk, Aurélien Lepetit, Oona Linke, Mariana Lobão, Kolbrún Löve, Natacha Mankowski, Aaron Mclaughlin, Cyril de Menouillard, MFAAH, Vincent Morin, Ioannis Mouravas, Dennis Murphy, Maarten Nico, Valentin Noiret, Megan Nolan, pje, Rachel-Rose O’Leary, Petros Orfanos, Rahel Pasztor, Joséphine Péguillan, Quirine Racké + Helena Muskens, Eddie Ray, Alice Rekab, Anna Reutinger, Angelo Rrem, Eurico Sá Fernandes, Hester Scheurwater, Thomas Schneider, Tai Shani, Linda Stupart, Subkutan, Arthur Tramier, Sander Uitdehaag, Alberto Valz Gris, Thijs Vandeloo, VG+, Dimitrij Vinciguerra, Raoul Zoellner, Frans Zwartjes and many more

The Wandering School also offers beds which can be booked here

The Wandering School
April 1 – 17
at Macao
Viale Molise 68, Milan

The Wandering School is supported by Macao and the Sandberg Institute

Visual Identity by Studio Ponto

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1.—17. April, 2016
at MACAO, Milan—It
Viale Molise, 68